Thursday, 27 September 2007

Porthemmet Beach

The BBC website is reporting about a website hoax, which is receiving 1000s of hits with 10,000 hits in a few hours on Thursday.

It advertises a fictional beach in Cornwall which boasts...
For younger visitors, the southern part of the beach has many beach bars, pubs and clubs, as well as being the only beach in the UK to allow topless sunbathing! The more liberal among you may be interested to know that police officers never patrol Porthemmet Beach since the local council decided that they distress elderly locals. Beach parties are often visited by some of Cornwall's most famous musicians.
It also has some amazing surfing, a regularly spotted pod of dolphins and the best pasties in Cornwall in a nearby shop.

He advises tourists that there is a private joke in Cornwall whereby locals will pretend to not know where Porthemmet Beach is. Don't be fooled, every Cornish person knows about this beach, they are just having some fun!

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