Tuesday, 25 September 2007

New UK-wide Monopoly Game

A new Monopoly edition has been launched after a nationwide vote to decide on the towns and cities used.

Liverpool and Leeds have the dubious honour of being the new brown 'streets' (the cheapest on the board), whilst (in a move that will please Chris and Hannah) Exeter, along with St Albans have the prestigious purples to their name.

Dundee and Cardiff are the only Scottish and Welsh cities to appear on the Monopoly but Northern Ireland is represented by "Belfast Airport", but the board does not specify whether this is Belfast International Airport or George Best Belfast City Airport.

It looks like the board has a rather random mix of towns and cities and I wonder whether the vote was the best way to decide on where to place them on the board, or even whether to have them on the board or not. The BBC website uses the example of Keele. Permanent population = 4000, but with the students at the local university vigorously campaigned, they have managed to secure a place on the board.

I have to say, if it had the places that I care about on there, I would probably have bought it, but I would much rather buy a Swansea, Newcastle, or a 'make-your-own' (fill-in-the-blanks) Monopoly than get into a bidding war over who wants to buy Leeds!

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