Saturday, 13 October 2007


With the release of the latest addition of Football Manager less than a week away, the guys at Sports Interactive have released this trialer. The tile of this post says it all...

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

What Kind of Blogger are you?

I saw this on Lev's blog (via Chris' blog!) Take the quiz and find out what type of blogger you are!

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Monday, 8 October 2007

"Thierry and Ruud smoke 20 a day" - 'John Terry'

The BBC Sports website in their Review of the Week are reporting about a team in Division Three of the Birmingham Coronation League Alliance, Lynam Athletic, where the players have changed their name by deed poll to those of famous footballers.

The team are named after Des Lynam, although their website is quick to point out that he has no official ties to the team and that they apologise for any embarresment that they cause him.

Leading scorer Thierry Henry, who turns out to be 39-year-old Darren Yeomans, said:

"We wanted to strike fear into the opposition and we certainly weren't going to do that with our footballing skills, so we hit on the idea of the names."

Lynam Athletic crashed out of the first round of the Delmar Cup on Sunday after a 5-1 thumping from Division Two opponents The Iron Horse.

Captain John Terry (formerly known as Ian Flett) admitted:

"It was tough because it was Ronaldinho's birthday the night before, Thierry and Ruud smoke 20 a day, and Gerrard is always half cut on a Sunday."

Friday, 5 October 2007

Dida - Footballer/Actor

The sporting success story of the past few weeks has got to be Scottish football. After a famous win for the national team in Paris, the club teams in European competitions all managed great results. However, despite this, the main talking point has been the incident involving the AC Milan goalkeeper, Dida in their match against Celtic.

After Celtic had scored what turned out to be the winning goal, a jubilent fan ran on to the pitch, 'slapped' the goalkeeper on the neck who then took up chase before falling to the floor.

Dida's reaction certainly seems to be a bit over the top, but a lapse in security like that could cost Celtic a fine, or even (although unlikely) a deduction of points.

It brings back memories of the Rivaldo incident in the World Cup in 2002. In a group match against Turkey, the Brazilian player went down clutching his head afer the ball had hit him in the thigh, ultimately leading to the sending off of the 'offending' player.

Rivaldo was later fined 11,670 Swiss Francs by FIFA. UEFA are investigting the Celtic/Dida matter and UEFA saying that is not just Celtic who they are looking at..

"It is up to AC Milan to provide an explanation and it is probably something to do with what was in the referee and delegate's reports. But it is under investigation so I can't say much more about it." (UEFA Spokesman)

It will be interesting to see what action they take against Celtic and what action, if any, they take against Dida.