Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Alpha Advert

Continuing with my theme of adverts, a friend of a friend of a friend's (you get the picture!) blog pointed me towards this one.

It's the new advert for the Alpha course, and again, I'm impressed! It appears to be aimed at those who are going through life, think that things are ok, but have a feeling that there may be something that they are missing. What do you think?


James said...

Really good, great visuals and uses individuality as a theme.
What do you think of these new Irish Adverts?
Irish Shaving ad

Irish Flying ad

Phil Lewis said...

Hi James, good to hear from you - how'd you stumble across my blog?

Both of those are great adverts! Part of the appeal is that they (as with the Alpha Course one) keep you guessing until the end about what they are advertising. Means that you don't switch off because you're not interested in the product.

James said...

Hi Phil
Great advert, I was just wandering around looking at advertising blogs and came across yours.
Will pass the advert onto some friends who might be interested.