Thursday, 27 September 2007

Boris Johnson

It has been confirmed that Boris Johnson has been confirmed as the Conservative Party's canditdate for the London Mayoral Elections. Famed for a) his appearances on BBC TV's 'Have I Got News For You' b) some of his outspoken views, especially against the city of Liverpool, and c) that tackle in the England v Germany Legends match.

With a convincing victory, he gained 15,661 votes, whereas his nearest rival only polled at 1,869. Maybe it is a shrewed move by the Conservative Party - Ken Livingston was elected after a lot of publicity when he campaigned as an independent candidate after failing to get the backing of the Labour Party and Johnson is certainly no stranger to publicity!

Chris, my brother-in-law, will be pleased to hear that he is a keen cyclist (indeed he has been quoted as saying it is his wish to "decoy bicycles throughout Islington and send Navy Seals in through the windows of thieves" after he was the victim of several bike thefts) and we will certainly all be hoping he gives us more great material for our blogs!


Jim said...

Butt you know I love Boris, but just for a couple of seconds lets be serious...

Boris, who has somehow managed to offend every single minority group in existence as London (one of the greatest cities in the world) Mayor????

Seriously how do you feel about this?

I am thinking of moving to London so I can vote... the bloke is a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Lewis said...

I'm really not sure whether I think it's good or not. Whilst I'm grateful for the blogging material surely coming my way, I'm not sure if I lived in London I would actually want him as my mayor. It's one of those where it's funny, until it happens to you!