Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Poverty and Justice Bible

The Bible Society have released a new 'version' of the Bible, called 'The Poverty and Justice Bible'. Using the CEV text, it highlghts more than 2000 verses that speak of God's attitude to poverty and justice.

The issues of poverty and justice have become prevelant and have received significant coverage in the press over the past few decades and more and more people are becoming interesting in looking at and combating these issue

'We want the world to see that the Bible is relevant to life and not full of rules, finger-wagging and old-fashioned ideas,'
says Bible Society Chief Executive James Catford.

Whilst I usually disagree with the publishers highlighting certain parts of the Bible (e.g. Jesus' spoken words, as if the whole Bible aren't God's own words), but I am interested to see how the Bible Society are looking at new ways to reach social-conscious non-Christians and encourage Christians themselves.

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