Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Big Brother is Watching What I'm Watching!

We (Liz, Archie and I) moved to Newcastle about seven months ago, and despite sending them a letter when we first moved explaining that we no longer needed or wanted a TV licesne, TV Licensing have repeatedly written accusatory letters, alleging that we have been watching TV without having a license. They even sent an inspector round, who after a quick once over, said that we were fine - yet we have still been sent letters afterwards!

Well things got a bit personal today! Usually the letters are addressed to 'The Occupiers', but today I got one addressed to Mr PD Lewis. The letter stated that "We have been advised that you bought television receiving equipment in January 2008 from Int'l Inc.. However, we have no record of a TV license in your name for the above address."

Well first of all, I didn't realise that I could receive television through my DVD player/recorder! But more importantly and worrying in my eyes, is who gave them the information about what I'd been buying from Amazon?!

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Big Dave said...

Hi Phil

Amazon, and all retailers, are obliged to pass on your details when you buy stuff that might be able to receive a television signal. It's the law!