Monday, 11 February 2008

Goalkeeper with a sense of humour!

West Ham goalkeeper, Robert Green, has shown that he has a good sense of humour. In a recent match he wore gloves with "England's Number 6" on them, a joke about his supposed place in the England international set-up.

A close friend said:
"Robert has got a great sense of humour and there has been banter with the West Ham fans all season. They keep chanting England's No. 1 - and he sticks up six fingers to show where he thinks he is in the pecking order. That is No. 6. This is just Robert taking the joke a step further by wearing these gloves. It is really tongue in cheek and not meant to be having a go at anyone. It is not a protest. He is having a laugh at his own expense."

It would be interesting to note whether Capello, took it as the joke it was intended, rather than a dig at his selection policy!

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